Règle de 3 is a Survey Institute and Call Centre based in Lille.

We develop and conduct all types of surveys - satisfaction barometers, ad’hoc studies, qualitative studies, on-line surveys...

  About us )

Règle de 3 was founded in 1995 to provide creative and different methodological solutions. Our state-of-the-art methods, rigorous practices, and permanent innovative spirit have enabled us to become a special partner for businesses in search of inventive, efficient and professional solutions both in qualitative and quantitative terms.

The most advanced tools and our proactive and long-standing employees have made Règle de 3 a standard-making institute for surveys of all sizes, for council housing organisations or businesses or institutions, on a B-to-B or B-to-C basis, while preserving our independence and our own set of values...

  Organisational mode )

There are two sites in the urban area of Lille, providing 48 VOiP call-taking systems, all available on our smart listening interface (www.evidenc3.fr).

We have teams covering the whole country for face-to-face surveys and staff members specially dedicated to qualitative methods (semi-directive interviews, focus-groups, mini-panels on points of sale). We offer equipment meeting the most recent information collection and data safety quality standards.

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  • In the Top-100 of French Institutes

In the most recently published list of French institutes for 2012, Règle de 3 ranks 64th, with a turnover growth at 15%.