Our policy )

Transparency, enthusiasm & quality

It is hard to sum up in just a few words the key elements which have built our personality and values for more than 15 years… If we were asked to mention just some of them, we would select: transparency, creativity, enthusiasm and quality. Transparency: today, Règle de 3 gives you an access to 100% data collected while conducting your surveys, available via evidenc3, our listening interface. This is a guarantee of quality and provides us with an opportunity for permanently challenging the status quo.

Creativity: each year, Règle de 3 and our survey managers innovate, using new methodologies, and offer new tools and techniques to better respond to your survey requirements and disseminate your findings more efficiently.
Enthusiasm: you know your contacts, employed by the organisation on a long-term basis; they are committed to offering rapid and reactive responses, as they supervise your project or present findings.
Quality: finally, this fundamental value in our work is the objective which we pursue each and every day, both with our teams of survey interviewers, to bring added value to your image on the occasion of contacts with your customers, and with staff members dedicated to information processing and utilisation.

  Services )

Technique and tailored services

  • Quantitative surveys :
- Over the phone,
- Face-to-face interviews at home,
- In points of sale,
- On the street or at fairs,
- On-line,
- Auto-administered by mail.

  • Qualitative surveys :
- In-depth interviews,
- Semi-directive interviews,
- Focus groups,
- Individual mini-panels on points of sale (collection test, merchandising test),

  • We implement and provide support for your surveys worldwide.

  • We coordinate dynamic presentations
to varied audiences (from employee meetings to meetings of the board of directors).

  • Our area of expertise :
Service Quality barometers in distribution and council housing services (three-year Service Quality surveys, “Qualibail” approaches...).

Approximately 200,000 people and 5,000 businesses interviewed over the phone annually, face-to-face interviews on more than 200 points of sale at the same time.