Evidenc3 )

Access to www.evidenc3.fr

Evidenc3 is a survey listening platform via the web providing an access to 100% surveys conducted in an easy and smart manner :

  • With the assessment of the qualitative content of interviews:

What is it?
- At the end of each interview, the operator assesses the qualitative content of the discussion which/she has just had according to a grading system from 1 to 3 stars. One star will describe a standard interview with no special qualitative content and 3 stars will be given to a “rich” interview, full of illustrating examples, anecdotes, verbatim, whether positive or negative.

What benefits are there?
- Being able to target at a glance interviews that will echo the « customer’s voice » out of a great number of interviews (several thousands).
- Favouring « useful listening ».
- Extracting added-value contents

  • Via selective interview listening :

What is it?
- Each day, using the Evidenc3 platform, you or the employees of your choice can access the whole audio content of your barometers, and have the opportunity of selecting files to be listened to depending on answers given by customers (dissatisfied, satisfied customers, surveys of the day before, surveys for this or that area...).

What benefits are there?
- Highly significant amount of time saved while listening to interviews,
- Each person will listen to interviews which he/she finds relevant and those only,
- This means that as it is easier and more rapid, more interviews are listened to and the « customer’s voice » spreads throughout the company more perceptibly.
- Audio contents become a key aspect of barometers and team coordination
  • By sending alerts to handle dissatisfied persons’ cases

What is it?
- During an interview with a customer who is dissatisfied or an interview requiring another call, the operator will offer the possibility of asking for the transfer of an alert. Upon validation from the operator, the message will immediately be sent by e-mail with a text summing up the customer sheet and cause for dissatisfaction, and specific circumstances. A comment can even be added for more details.

"Bluffé par la mine de renseignements récoltés dans ces enquêtes, et qui seront autant de pistes d'amélioration pour améliorer la qualité de la relation client dans notre entreprise. Evidenc3 est aussi un formidable outil !"
Manuelle COLAS – Responsable Enquêtes et Etudes Marketing Vilogia :
"Je n'ai pas encore rencontré un système équivalent chez d'autres prestataires. Cela me conforte dans la qualité et le professionnalisme des équipes Règle de 3."
Lucy Konieczny - Responsable qualité et développement durable - Habitat du Nord :
"Le fait d'écouter les propos tenus par les personnes interviewées autorise le rapprochement de résultats théoriques et de données chiffrées avec la réalité du terrain. En soi, cela permet d'ajouter une note d'humain à des éléments statistiques"